Feature suggestion

I recently got a new "smart" phone. I was quite surprised to discover (painfully) that it displays artwork by album priority. Playlists that I have used for years flawlessly, displayed incorrectly on it because many tracks were singles (therefore no unique album name.) An auto-numbering wizard for the album category OR a Convert would go a long way towards proper display on devices that do not show album anyway.

Keep up the excellent work.

I am not quite sure what you are requesting as in MP3tag THERE IS an autonumbering wizard (see toolbar or menu Tools) and there is a converter (see toolbar or menu Converter) that that allows you to define masks/patterns for filenames.

What you should check is the following: have your tracks got the ALBUMARTIST filled? Some players like to group albums by the albumartist - if it is empty then you get a random sequence of files.
Also: if your player does not read playlists then make a copy of your files and label them (with MP3tag) so that the sequence corresponds to your playlist.