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I was just wondering if there is any chance of implemeting this suggestion of mine:

I think that it would be (very) helpful to be able to "override" the default procedures at will.I mean that we could press a keyboard button (ie. "shift") to stop the program from loading the tags of the files,and another button (ie. "ctrl") to force the program to include the subfolders in the search.And last but not least,it would also bo good if there was a combination of these two,if you know what i mean. (:stuck_out_tongue:)


It also embarasses me the fact that the selected file becomes grey every time i edit a field in the tag panel and when i re-click on that file i enter the rename mode.I hope this can be fixed! :unsure: :huh:

PS:Something i forgot to write in my first post!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work and keep it free.I would be happy to donate a symbolic amount of money to you but unfortunately i'm unable <_< (not having a credit card!!)


I don't see whats wrong with that, but you can in Menu View > Customize Columns... leave "Field:" in Filename blank, so when you re-click on file you wont enter rename mode.


I see that i'm misunderstood...
What i mean is that the selected file should remain blue so that you can easily notice which one is selected.Every time i edit a file's tag fields it turns grey and when i look again in the file list i doubt which file i had selected... :unsure:

Also what about my first suggestion ? Hasn't anyone seen it yet or is it difficult to imlement ?

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Patience is golden... :rolleyes:


You can press the [Esc] key to stop Mp3tag from loading any files and the checkbox Subdirectories at Options > General or File > Change directory... to include subdirectories.

Special keyboard shortcuts for options are currently not planned.

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Hmmm... <_<
I can see that i'm not explaining my suggestions clearly and as a result you don't understand what i really mean :frowning:

The keyboard shortcuts are intended for the shell extension (Right Click>Mp3Tag) on folders and files

That's not my intention.I just tried that and what i did was stop the program from reading the directory contents(!).I just want to stop the program from loading the tags (not the directory contents).
If you don't understand why i suggest this, it is because it's very irritating to wait for 3.000 files to load their tags (!) just to edit a single file's tag.Therefore, in this case it's much quicker to wait just for the contents to load.

In this case i have to switch this option on and off every time i open Mp3Tag (!) because not all the time do i need to edit subdirectories as well.

All this fuss is made by me just because i use Mp3Tag right from the shell :wink:

It may sound funny,but think of the time one loses just to edit such options...

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Sorry, but any "shell extension" features would require a real shell extension. At the moment it's simply a registry key and I don't plan a real shell extension because this would require restarts of Windows on installations.


Ok! I see.I thought that any custom option embedded in the right click context menu is called so ("shell extension").Obviously, u seem to know better what this actually means.Anyway,since my suggestions requires special scripting (<is this correct ??? :smiley:) that is not planned i'll have to reside to the simple (but painful for an automation lover like myself :laughing:) process of adjusting these options manually as u suggested.

Thanks for your patience once again!!!
Well done,and thanks for such a beautiful program...