Feature Suggestions

Since 2003 when I first started using mp3tag I've collected a huge number of actions ... carefully grouped and ordered to produce the results I'm looking for. Moving an action (or a group of actions) into the proper position / order for execution has become tedious work. One must patiently usher a single action notch by notch to it's new slot and then repeat for each item that needs to be moved. Now, imagine you need to re-position some actions in a list that has more than 200 entries. It takes some time .. and patience.

So, in the perfect world .... if at all possible .. any of these ideas would be used every time I open mp3tag to do some work ... and best of all, they would zap the only slow spots I ever encountered when using mp3tag.

1) Drag and drop within the ACTION editing panels (moving something in one step sure beats a hundred or more steps).
  1. Multiple selection of a group of actions to move up or down an action panel.

  2. Preset ACTION check mark configurations. In other words instead of having to manually check or uncheck the specific action groups you want to engage there would be pre-sets that automatically select certain actions and uncheck all the rest with one mouse click. Preset ONE might engage all field cleanup actions. After those actions run a click to preset TWO might turn on actions to format BPM and other number fields. Clicking preset THREE might be designed to trim slim and trim the filename to less than 64 characters.

Right now running those three action groups would require about 60 mouse clicks of configuration. With a preset feature, those 60 clicks (which require one to focus and click the correct check mark boxes) would be replaced by three no-brainer mouse clicks.

  1. Finally, the ability to insert a spacer element into the main actions panel to make locating and executing groups of actions easier to accomplish. (Right now I just add an empty action group and name it something like
    "--------------------------------------------- FILENAME ACTIONS ----------------------------------"

Thanks as always for all you do with mp3tag. Hands down it's the best tagging system for anyone who does dj work and needs to manage thousands of music files from many different sources. While prepping mp3s for archiving to data dvd this past week mp3tag ended up with more than 30,000 mp3s loaded up at one time ... and mp3tag processed each file without any issues.


  1. Is already possible with "Utils > Save selection"