Feature Suggestions

Hi, just started playing with Mp3Tag and would suggest the following things I noticed which would improve the program:

  1. If you quit without saving there is no prompt! So you lose your changes if you forgot to hit the save button! Please add a prompt to remind me to save before closing. Something like "Save changes Yes / No" as is with most text editors etc. would be perfect. Alternatively you could add an option like "automatically save all files on exit".
  2. If you open just one file, it is not automatically selected, so you then have to select it which is another step - please make it auto select the file if just one is opened so you can instantly edit. Alternatively you could just auto-select the first file when multiple files are opened, which would achieve the same thing. I would also think that auto-selecting all files on open is a useful thing, for editing albums etc., which again would achieve what I'm looking for. Perhaps an option for that?

    (just to explain if you only have one file open, it's not initially obvious that it isn't selected - if you're not familiar with the program - because the grid line makes it look highlighted already).

  3. I expected when I clicked (or double clicked) on the blank cover that it would automatically ask me for the image file but you have to go through the context menu. It would be much faster to add/change covers if you just clicked (or double clicked) on the cover and it jumped straight to the Open dialogue to add a cover.
The above changes would be especially good for dealing with adding images to single files which is my use case at the moment (for iTunes podcasts, which must have the artwork embedded individually):

Thanks for a great program, I look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

Or perhaps you alter your use case and put the images and files in pairs into separate folders, have a common naming scheme for the cover files and/or put only a single cover file into the music file folder.
Then you can use an action for all files that have no cover
(filter for those with %_covers% MISSING)
with the string
for any jpg in a folder
or, if you named the files cover.jpg with the string
for the cover file name.

This would save even more time than single selection and double-clicking.

If you really edit only single files then if would probably be much easier to edit the data in the files list instead of the tag panel.
Moving from from one field to the next in the files list automatically saves the modification.
The tag panel is fine to apply the same data to several files, e.g. the same album name or albumartist.
if you save modifications from the tag panel automatically, you do not have an "escape" function that lets you discard the changes ...