Feature wanted -> Sort by [track has embedded graphic]

I have aprox. 4500 songs, most of them with jpg cover stored in the tag,

To see, which of my mp3 do not have a cover yet, I have to scroll through the complete list /user/music in order to find the last missing covers. Takes a lot of time and fingerwork ...

Maybe I am missing something here or I am to blind to see, here is, what I like:
A filter to highlight the songs without album covers would really help me out here :slight_smile:

add a new column, call it "Cover", set the "Value" field to "$if(%_covers%,Y,)"
now you can sort your songs by this column. if a track has a cover, the column displays "Y"(es), if not a blank. you may want to reverse the logic, ie "$if(%_covers%,,N)"

HTH, andreas

Very nice! Thank you!

Would be great if you could FILTER by missing album artwork, so you only see the stuff that needs fixing. Any way to do this, or plans to add it?