Feature wishing: "Add to Mp3tag" in context menu (shell)

When I manage musics and tags, I use Mp3tag, foobar and Total Commander. About 10 times quicker to add a folder to Mp3tag from TC through a context menu (shell, right click menu), than in Mp3tag, using "Add folder". Unfortunately, adding a folder through shell can only replace open folders in Mp3tag, instead of adding them to the end of list.

I'd like to enjoy the "Add to the list in Mp3tag" context menu, too. Anybody else for?

There is a button in the toolbar to add (not replace) a folder. It's that folder icon with the plus.
If you want to add individual files or a number of folders to the current list, then use drag&drop an press the Ctrl-key at the same time. This keeps the current list and adds the dragged and dropped objects.

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Great! Thank you.

By the way, the Ctrl-key solution works with right-click menu too, not only with drag-and-drop.