Featured to title

Can anyone help me with a regular expression that will separate the featured artist from the artist field and apply it to the title. I have different tags that are separated by different separators. Below is examples of the tags and my desired output. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Artist: Michael Jackson, Prince, Drake
Artist: Michael Jackson; Prince; Drake
Artist: Michael Jackson;Prince;Drake
Artist: Michael Jackson & Prince & Drake
Artist: Michael Jackson x Prince x Drake
Artist: Michael Jackson;Prince;Drake;Beyonce

Title: Love Is Blind

" x " (with space)

Michael Jackson - Love Is Blind (feat. Prince, Drake & Beyonce)

Here is a longish thread about how to move featured artists around.

Yet, I think it would be best to unify the separators first.

Yes, I read the thread, but I only seen one comment similar to mine, but it was using / as the separator. I don't know how to modify the regular expression to unify and look for all the separators.
This the regular expression I found below any suggestions?

%TITLE%$regexp($replace(%ARTIST%,'/',' feat. '),'^(.+?)\s+[[({<]?\s*(?:featuring|feat.?|ft.?)\s*([^])}>]+)>\s*[])}>]?(.*)$',' (feat. $2$3)===$1',1)

Quite honestly, i do not think that you can run any separator unification unattended.
Or you will be in for a nasty surprise with artists like
Earth, Wind & Fire
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch
Huey Lewis & the News
Agent X

I think that you would have to filter for all those separators first and then replace only that punctuation that is actually meant to separate the featuring artists.

You can add an action in the action group that replaces all those pseudo-separators with a slash:
Action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
Format string: $replace(%artist%, x ,/,; ,/,;,/, & ,/)

You're right. Thanks for the advice.