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Morning All

I am new to MP3Tag and just need a little guidance please on how to set up a script to remove Feat. Featured etc etc artists from my title fields. I don't need to move them to other fields, just want them gone

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before, just want a dummies how to please



Show us a title as the removal method depends a lot on the pattern in the data.
But e.g. a
Dancing in the streets (feat. David Bowie)
could be dealt with an action of the type "Guess value" for %title"
Pattern: %title% (feat. %dummy%


Before :- Saltwater Feat. Maire Brennan

After :- Saltwater


As I suggested:
an action of the type "Guess value" for %title%"
Pattern: %title% Feat. %dummy%

The pattern is case-sensitive.

thank you ever so much really appreciated

Sorry to trouble you again but I now have another scenario

In the Artists Column is :- Cassius Ft Ryan Tedder

and I would like:- Ft Ryan Tedder taken out and looking through my albums I see that this is a frequently used format so a script would be very nice please

thank you

This works in a similar way.
First, you may filter for these files:
%artist% HAS ft
where the _ actually represents a space character that does not show properly in this forum.
Then create an action of the type "Guess value" for source %artist%
Pattern: %artist% Ft %dummy%