Featuring variations, number in brackets and slashes.


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  3. Replace "/" with ", " (comma with space) if there is only one "/" do "&". If there is 2 "/", first make comma with space, second -> "&". If there is more "slashes" make last "&" and other commas
    track (feat. Nature/Good Money) -> track (feat. Nature & Good Money)
    track (feat. Stan Spit/A.G./Miss Jones) -> track (feat. Stan Spit, A.G. & Miss Jones)
    track (feat. King Syze/Crypt The Warchild/Planetary/King Magnetic) -> track (feat. King Syze, Crypt The Warchild, Planetary & King Magnetic)
    track (feat. C-Rayz Walz/Pumpkinhead/Loucipher/Tonedeff/Diabolic/Poison Pen) = track (feat. C-Rayz Walz, Pumpkinhead, Loucipher, Tonedeff, Diabolic & Poison Pen)