Fetch CATID using Discogs API (in Tag-to-Tag Feature)

Hi All,

I am a new user of mp3tag. I am absolutely amazed at this software. Thank you Florian for all the work you have put into it, truly commendable.

I have recently started tidying my collection, and am currently using the folder renaming function (by highlighting songs) then pressing Alt + 5 to call Tag-Tag:

In the dialogue box - i select : _Directory

Then the string i fill out with:

'['%catalogid%']' %artist% - $replace(%album%,/,_) (%year%) '['$replace(%_codec%,Free Lossless Audio Codec,WEB FLAC)']'

Which results in something like the below:
[ASCENSION 009] Technical Itch - Digitally Ascended Vol 2 (2011) [WEB FLAC]
This is convenient as it renames the folder using the existing tags.

Is there a way to fetch catalogue ID only - while keeping existing tags?

In order to get CATID using mp3tag - you would need to select the Artist - Album Discogs icon first and re-write all tags in order to then do the above.

If this is possible - it would be fairly amazing :smiley: Currently if i exclude Cat# - i can rename hundreds of albums at a time.

Thank you :slight_smile: