Few rather simple requests...


Great program. Really great. I have about 10000 MP3 in a removable and they were a mess (filename, tag, or both). Now I am moving fast in cleaning them up.

I found two minor things that make me go back to file explorer and have three more simple requests to make life easier.

  1. include a column for file size (adding also one more criteria for sorting)

  2. why not have an additional variable holding the filename WITHOUT the extension? (and maybe one more variable with only the extension - this would help people wanting to sort by file type or wanting to rename file types - for example .MP3 to .mp3, or .MPEG3 to .mp3 etc.)

  3. it could cache the list and/or only update changes (based on file events maybe?) - imaging reading 11000 files from a removable media (not as fast as native IDE) every time I open the program

  4. "moving" files could simply be "editing" the path column... this could make things really faster

  5. why aren't the columns freely movable without having to go into the settings to change the order? (windows API has this function right?)

  6. any plans for any different online database than freedb? (in my case freedb doesn't help AT ALL)

7a) some "fuzzy logic" in sorting songs would be interesting (yes I know this isn't really a simple request) - someone could have the same song as:

John Lennon - Imagine.mp3
Lennon, John - Imagine.mp3
IMAGINE.mp3 (lennon in the tag)
and so on... (all matching the same song)

could REALLY be an interesting project to add something like that in the program

7b) something simpler could be to add a SEARCH filter looking for ALL WORDS in ALL variables supported by the program - this is simpler to implement:

search: "lennon AND imagine" would bring up all songs in the list above

what do you think about my ideas? any chance? (some are really simple and would love them for next version)

keep up the good work (at least let me know the author read this)



You can already create custom columns.

I am wondering why %_filename% and %_extension% don't work for the columns... Florian?! :unsure:

I think Florian stated once that this would be rather difficult to implement, but don't quote me on that.

Not sure if this one really is needed.

I think it has something to do with the customizable columns.

I think there are/were some plans for Amazon cover download and MusicBrainz. Gracenote (CDDB2) has a pretty crappy license agreement not allowing you to use other services, display their logo when connecting and some other things.

Boolean search might be a good idea, not sure how difficult it would be to implement. You can already find stuff by using the filter.




Good idea, I haven't thought of that.

Mmmm ... no. I don't want to add this, because it implies a lot of problems.

I'll think about it again.

The API is a piece of crap. Managing a column-order array for mapping of virtual position and real position is a pain to implement, so I've decided to drop this feature.

Yes. I'm currently working on a online sources framework for Mp3tag. This will make almost any website containing track and album data available through Mp3tag by a easy scripting language, which parses these sites (I'm currently thinking of Amazon (data+cover), AMG (data+cover, maybe by a third party) and Discogs.com).

"fuzzy logic" search won't be done. But boolean operators for the filter feature is a nice idea - but be patient, I'm currently quite busy with other things :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian