Few suggestions for Mp3tag :)

Hi! I use Mp3tag about few years and think this is the best soft for editing MP3 tags. :slight_smile: Here some suggestions to make this perfect soft some more better!

  1. Edit fields: "Encoded by", "URL", "Copyright", "Orig. Artist", "Composer" like main fields.
  2. Show codec information: LAME, FhG, Blade ets. (and versions).
  3. Show audio mode: Stereo, Joint Stereo, Mode.


  1. Edit fields: You can already do that! Just add them to the "Tag Panel". Tools > Options > Tag Panel. Or right click and "Customize columns".

As for 2 and 3, this is an editing program and those items are not editable. So why show them? All or most players will provide that function.

This is available with %_mode%
Add it with "View > Customize columns"

drbeachboy, dano
Great thanx, guys! :slight_smile: You are very help me!!!

As for codec information, now Mp3tag shows only: MPEG 1 Layer III (for examle) in 'Codec' column, but it will be much more helpful, if it shows codec's name, like a: LAME 3.93, LAME 3.96, Blade, Xing, FhG etc.

I know Mp3tag is editing programm, but nevertheless it shows much not editable info: Size, Path, Channel Mode (thanx again for this option!), Bitrate etc. And Codec's name will be a great addition for all this information fields about file!!! I think many peolpe who trying to put in order their collections will be very thankful! :wink:

P.S.: Sorry for my language, I'm from Ukraine. :*)

This feature is not planned and on my list of features I'll not implement in Mp3tag. It's simply too tedious to analyse all the different encoders and to identify their peculiarities in a non-overlapping way.

Kind regards,

OK! I understanding You. It was just a suggestion ) Thanx for your super Mp3tag, Florian! :slight_smile: