Field Length of Import Dialog < Main Editor

Hello friends.

New mp3tag user. Switched from Tag&Rename. Don't think I'll go back.

I noticed something rather strange last night. While tagging "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" from Limp Bizkit, when I did the musicbrainz import, the dialog automatically cut the album's name to a given length "Chocolate Starfish and the" (I think that is the length), but in the main editor I obviously was able to put the real name with all required characters.
Is there something I'm missing?

Same thing happens for, lets say, Genre. When I use the import dialog to lets say, put "Thrash Metal\\Groove Metal\\Symphonic Black Metal" or something like that, It won't let me, as it cuts the string. In the main editor I'm obviously able to put the whole string.

But I think this limitation hinders the usefulness of the import dialog for entering some information prior to doing "extra" tag edition not given by the auto-import feature.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Please explain what is "the main editor"?
I do not know whether it is a problem with MusicBrainz import or something else.
At first I would check the setting of the tag writing in the dialog Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Mpeg.
How is your setting?
Be aware that legacy ID3v1 has field and length limitations, so better to use ID3v2 UTF-16.


Thanks DetlevD.

I actually double checked and I think it was my mistake.
The main editor is the regular window.. the one that cuts the Genre (but NOt the album name apparently) is the import dialog.

I do not understand what you mean with "import dialog".

The character sequence of the double backslash has a special functionality within Mp3tag.
Other applications use different surrogate strings for the same functionality, e. g ";".

The double backslash works as a delimiter for a so called "multi-value" tag-field.
This type of tag-field carries a collection of tag-field values under the same tag-field name.

When putting in a string of values into the GENRE tag-field, e. g. "Thrash Metal\\Groove Metal\\Symphonic Black Metal", then Mp3tag splits this string into three values and creates a multi-value GENRE tag-field.

Use the dialog "Extended Tags..." and see how such a multi-value tag-field is displayed.
You will see something like this:
GENRE: Thrash Metal
GENRE: Groove Metal
GENRE: Symphonic Black Metal

To be informed about the tag-field's multi-value state and content you can set the column properties of the list view for the tag-field GENRE this way:
Name: Genre
Value: $meta_sep(genre,'\\')
Field: %genre%
Sorted By:


DetlevD, thanks a lot for your time and help with this issue.

Well, as long as it goes about the "\\" delimiter, it is configured the way you say, and AFAIK and with the help of a Hex Editor, I was able to see it's correctly being put in the GENRE tag with NULL separator as the id3v2.4 spec says.

But that is not the issue.
The issue is this, as shown in the picture attached.

Maybe no usage problem but an application quirk.
Developer should come in.


I'm here :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing, jhonperkins. It'll be fixed with the next release.

Kind regards