Field name changes when editing Format value action

I have a Format value action that sets the field ALBUMSORT. When I edit the action, Mp3tag immediately changes the field name to ALBUMSORTORDER. I've only noticed this with Format value actions.

I went through each type of action and verified that the bug is only in the editing of Format value actions. What Mp3tag appears to be doing is some type of string completion. For example, if you have a field named "ALBUMA", it immediately gets changed to ALBUMARTIST when you edit the action.

Can we get this bug fixed?

This is still happening in 2.47b when editing Format value actions with certain field names. The fields that it affects have changed since the recent renaming of internal field names.

I've found that it changes TITLE and DISC fields, while fields like ARTIST, ALBUM, and ALBUMARTIST are unaffected.


where is the "title" tag ?

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