Field renaming.

Hello, this might turn into a feature request, but it may already be implemented or a way to accomplish it.

In the latest development version, several name fields were changed like BAND->ALBUMARTIST. Even though I don't know the rationale behind these renames I would like to have my music collection to use the new names.

First I thought of an action, so I looked there to create a group of actions to rename those fields; but there's no action to do it. Then I started to go manually through my collection, but stopped in the first album already; I found it crazy to do it that way.

That album were probably not tagged using Mp3tag because there was even a field named "ALBUM ARTIST". Most of my collection are mp3 files with ID3v1, ID3v2 and APEv2 tags but there some AAC files in there too (inside MP4 containers).

Is there a way to rename fields right now? If not, could this be treated as a feature request and give it a think at least?

Thank you for your time.

Only the name of the field inside Mp3Tag was changed from BAND to ALBUMARTIST. The tag of the mp3 keeps the same. What you have tagged before with a BAND tag has now a ALBUMARTIST tag. It is and was a TPE2 tag/frame and is interpreted as album artist by most media players.
ALBUM ARTIST is not affected by this change and keeps the same as before.
see here for a overview:
[F] Mp3tag v2.46a - 'Album Artist' Not Correct

If you still have the need to change tags (e.g. after using a not updated web sources script with the new Mp3Tag version), it's very easy. Make a action group with two actions.
Action: Format Value
Format string: %band%

Action: Remove Fields
Fields to remove: BAND

Oh, I see, thank you for the clarification!

And thank you for the action combination too, I didn't figure it out.