Fields change artist and Title

Is this possible and what are the and what is the format string?

Try an action of the type "Guess value" (Import tag field)
Source: %artist%
Target: %artist% - %title%

Does not work, I would like the Title to be in the correct field.
Scorpions - Holiday.
That Holiday comes in the Title field and Scorpions in the Artist field.
See attachment I sent earlier

Yes. And that is what the action would do.
Which action type did you use? Guess value or Format value? The first type would be the correct one.
As "guess value" takes the target string literally, you have to take care that you use exactly the number of blanks from the source as well as the correct hyphen.

Can you send me the commands as an example.

Thanks for your quick response.

Can you post screenshots of what you do? E.g. also one from the extended tags dialogue from one of the files?
Or describe in more detail what you do and what the reactions are?
I do not think that I can add much more than the already described action from post #2


Dire Straits - Money for nothing, is now complete under the heading Artist. What I would like is that Money for nothing is under Title, and that only Dire Straits is listed under Artist. That's what I want. Hope this is clearer.

This is going round in circles.
The desginated action for such an undertaking is "Guess value" where you state a source field, in this case %artist% (or is it %albumartist%?).
The source now contains

and this should be "guessed" or imported in other fields, in your case
%artist% - %title%
which is 2 parts, separated by a hyphen.
It would have been very interesting to hear what you have done so far.

No, it is now under the column title Artiest. To see, what kind of tag this is exactly, press ALT + T on this track. Please make one more screenshot and show us the content of your metadata.