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I have found it useful to have tag information embedded into an mp3. This way the information is available when you upgrade to a new device. But you all already know that. Since I do extensive tagging and, as a result, need more fields/columns than most to insert information PERMANENTLY, I've had to use as many "permanent" fields/columns that I can to embed information. I'm even using the Publisher and Conductor fields/columns to insert information (not necessarily publisher or conductor related information) for my personal use. The problem I have is that some of the id3 tag embedable fields/columns used by windows properties do not appear in mp3tag Examples are Publisher, Conductor and Rating.

I can write all 3, with either Windows File Explorer or Mp3tag, and they appear in the other.
So I suspect that your problem is caused by how you read/write those fields.

Make sure you're using these placeholders in Mp3tag: %publisher%, %conductor%, %rating wmp%
If you're still not satisfied, more details about how you are tagging and how Mp3tag is configured are required in order to reproduce your experience.

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Yep - I use these too.

I believe Publisher shows up as Label in some applications (Traktor, for sure).

I think I had a similar issue - which was coming from the same problem as yours

Which was that I could not get my Winamp to display data from some tag fields from all of the audio format that I use. Some worked and some did not. Rather that ditching audio formats I decided to start using for example COMMENT for storing year of the [what I call] year of creation of the original recording [which is often different than the year of some re-releases and of covers and live performances] - because COMMENT was an universally working field

I do not use however other tools for tagging than Mp3tag. Ever

Yes, Thank you. What I'm saying is that when you right click to customize the columns on view, Publisher, Conductor and Rating is not available as an option.

Are you sure? I see:

"Conductor" is available too (the Extended fields list appears in alphabetical sort order).
Or do they only appear if they have been used once before?


Highlight the file in the main window, hit ALT+T, and check where your Publisher , Conductor and Rating tags are showing up.

Then, edit your main view to show those columns. :+1:

I really do not know what is the problem then

I check & uncheck COMPOSER and see its data, go to extended tags and see its data, go back to main window and see that data, go to Columns window and see that tag field, check & uncheck / uncheck & check etc.

Maybe you could provide a step-by-step with some verbatim data?