Fields to specify singles or studio albums

Hi is there any fields where can I specify the album if the album is singles, compilation, EPs or studio album? Thanks

Many are using MEDIATYPE for that, but it is also used for the actual media (e.g., CD or Digital Release). If you want to distinguish even further, you can use a custom field like RELEASETYPE.

It also very much depends on where you want to use this data.

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Hi is MEDIATYPE is common and can read by other player or it is rare to use by player? Thanks for the answers.

I'd say it's rarely used, but to be sure you can just make a little experiment with the player you're using.

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Okay thanks. Have a great day.

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Where can I add custom Field? Can i just type RELEASETYPE even this is no in the list?

Yes, exactly. And you can add it to the Tag Panel via Tools → Options → Tag Panel and the file list via View → Customize columns.

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