Figuring out what belongs in an album


I'm new to MP3Tag and so far I'm finding it frustrating to use. Perhaps I'm expecting it to do things that it isn't designed for.

Right now I have about 50 songs from the same artist. The 'Album' field in all the tags are empty. I have no way of knowing just by looking at the list what belongs in which album. I was hoping MP3Tag could scan all the songs and present to me which ones belong in what albums. Is MP3Tag not this automated? What can I do in this situation?

Why are you complaining? You are lucky that you have found an absolutely outstanding program for tagging completely free of charge.


And use a little common sense: how should a program find information that you are not able to find? A track does not reveal anything about its album whereabouts: It could have been released on a single, an album, downloaded as single track from an internet site, be part of a greatest hits album or incorporated in a sampler or recorded in a live concert. It could be the radio edit, a maxi version, a dubbed track (and so on).

What you could do: have a look at a site like and look for a track - perhaps you find it on an album that also shows some of your other tracks.
MP3tag then supports you to enter the album for all the selected tracks at once.
You may even add album art.
In the end you will find that MP3tag is not frustrating but absolutely worthwhile.

I've found that many times when trying to get songs properly tagged you have to look up the information manually, there's no way around it. As ohrenkino said there are just too many combinations.

Try going to this site:

Do a search on Artist, then go to the Songs tab and it will give you an alpha list of all of their songs. Click on a song and it will give a list of all the albums that song appeared on sorted by release date. Then use Mp3tag to manually enter the album name.

Once you have all the albums entered, use Mp3tag to sort by album, select all the tracks in that album, then use the MusicBrainz tag source to search by album, select the album and Mp3tag will update the tags for you.

What I'm trying to ask for is to be able to specify an album and have MP3Tag scan the currently selected or available tracks and match them to that album. This would save me a ton of time, as most of my time is spent looking back and forth between the album listing on Discogs/MusicBrainz and the MP3tag music list and CTRL+Clicking those items that belong to one album. If all of this could be selected for me it would allow me to proceed through albums quicker.

Also, in the future try not to talk down on new members of the forum. As much as you like to sit comfortably on your high-horse, common sense is highly subjective (I would even go as far to say it does not exist). What you are intimately familiar with is not necessarily "common knowledge" to other people. For example, I personally never considered compilations by mistake. It's hard to be thankful for someone's help when they're being inherently arrogant.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for Mp3tag to make this grouping automatically for you. But if the files already have an album tag filled in, you can sort by album and select all files of a particular album via [Shift+].

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Yes, I do sort by album whenever possible. However, I have a few songs in my library that unfortunately do not have some metadata filled in so they take a lot longer to organize. Even so, MP3Tag makes things incredibly easy.

Thanks for the help guys and thanks for a wonderful application.

Are these tracks all in the same folder?

If not, then they should be very easy to straighten out simply by loading one folder at a time and applying an ALBUM field. Or, you could load the parent folder, make sure you have Path visible in the column view, and sort by path. Once sorted by path, and if path is visible to you, it should be simple to highlight the files from each album and add the correct ALBUM field.

If they are all in the same folder, though, you pretty much have to sort them out by hand. What you might find handy is to display all of the available columns in the column view. If the files on any given album were tagged similarly, such as all having the same comment, it could make things easier to group by album.

Here's another idea if they're all in the same folder: In Windows Explorer, sort the files by 'Date Modified'. If the tracks from each CD were all ripped together (as they usually are) and the files haven't since been modified, then they should be in their original creation order, and grouped by album. You can also make 'Date Created' visible in Windows Explorer, which may work even better. Then highlight the tracks from one album, right-click and load just the one album in Mp3tag.