File Association for .MTE missing

I tried to edit an export profile and got a 'Windows can't open this type of file (.mte)' message when I clicked the edit icon

Windows 10, ver 2.84a

Uninstalled and reinstalled MP3Tag with a registry cleaning in between

I can see in ...\Roaming\MP3Tag\Export that they're basically a text file ...

$filename(csv,utf-16)Title,Artist,Album,Track,Year,Length,Size,Last Modified,Path;Filename

... but I don't want to mess around with Notepad

IIRC MP3Tag used to handle these profiles all by itself, with intelligence about field names, etc.


Notepad should be the default editor.
And also by default you do not get any support in respect to filenames, fieldnames or other MP3tag internals. You would have to look it up in the help.

OK, thanks

I really thought I remembered Create / Edit Profile offering the same help with field names, etc. that Actions has

I guess that's why they have help files

I can associate MTE files with Notepad and I'll have a cheat sheet handy

Thanks again