File Attribute update time does not change


I am using owncloud to sync my files. Unfortunately my mp3 are not synched once tags are updated. After analysis of this, I found out, that
mp3tag is not updating the file attribute for the update time (german Win7 "Aenderungsdatum").

Resultingly the sync client is not identifying the changes, file is not propagated.

I would assume, that every update to a file will also update the update time. Is this a windows feature for any reasons not working in here, or is this regarded to be a bug in mp3tag? :flushed:


There is an option in Mp3tag to not update the modified time of files that are updated. By default, it should be off. See

Tools > Options > Tags > Preserve the file modification time when saving tags

and make sure that it's unchecked.

You made my day!

Problem solved... :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot