File "blah.mp3" could not be opened for writing?


I'm getting the message "File 'blah.mp3' could not be opened for writing" when I try to edit the tag of a particular MP3 file. This file was downloaded directly from eMusic, and is DRM-free. It is not read-only. I'm fairly sure that the file is corrupted in some way, but I can edit the tag from within Winamp, just not in Mp3tag.



Dumb question: is the file open by any application?




Well, maybe send the file to Florian's support e-mail address so he can have a look.


Which email is that?


It's on the contact page.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Okay, I've sent you the file via, as it's rather large at 26MB (although I'm pretty sure that's not the problem, as I've successfully tagged even larger MP3 files). Thanks for looking into this.

PS. If you didn't get the email for some reason, you can also download it directly from this link:


Sry, but you better give that link to Florian in private via email or pm.

Ok he probably has it already by email notification.


Oops, sorry about that.


I had no problems with changing or removing the tag of the file you've provided. How much space is left on your hard disk?

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~ Florian


Really? That's odd. I have around 4GB of free space, which I think is plenty.


Just wondering... Which operating system do you use? Windows 2000 maybe?


Yes. Windows 2000 SP4.


Do you have the fancy folder tasks enabled? I know that under Windows 2000 (and ME, if I am not mistaken), when you click on a file in Windows Explorer, a mini Windows Media Player appears on the left side and lets you play the select song. However, on my system (back when I was using Windows 2000), the WMP plugin didn't release the last file it had open.
So, in Folder Options, check if you have the classic folder view enabled or not. If not, try enabling it and see if that helps (sorry, I am using a German Windows version so I cannot give you the exact names of the respective option).


Hmm, nope. Reverted to classic view, previewed other MP3 files, and I still can't edit it, so it's not that. But thanks anyway.


Gah, I've just realized something. I AM actually able to edit the tags. What I cannot do, however, is remove all of the tags completely, either through the context menu, or by clearing each field manually. As long as at least one field is not blank, I am able to edit without a problem. However, I am unable to clear that last field.

Sorry I didn't make this clear earlier, but it never occurred to me that editing and removing tags are two different things.


Do you have permissions to create new files on the HDD? It's weird since removing and adding new ID3v2 tags requires that a new file is created containing the audio data and ID3v1 and APEv2 tags - ID3v2 tags are stored at the beginnin of the file so the file cannot be easily trunkated or expanded.


Yes, definitely. The is the same hard drive that I've tagged over 3000 other files on, all with Mp3tag. I'm just curious as to what's wrong with this one particular file.


Okay, I've tinkered around with the settings, and I think you may be onto something. If I disable both the reading and writing of ID3v2 tags (but not ID3v1), I can add/remove tags without any problem. If I enable either one, I get the error message.

So it definitely has something to do the fact that ID3v2 tags appear at the beginning of the file, and thus require the creation of a new file, whereas the others tags are appended to the end, right? Now I just have to figure out what's different about this particular file that prevents the creation of a new file...

PS. Again, I want to remind you that I can add or remove the ID3v2 tag in Winamp without a problem, by checking or unchecking the checkbox in Winamp's file into dialog. I assume this means that Winamp handles the writing of ID3v2 tags differently from Mp3tag.


Okay, I've now determined that it may indeed have something to do with filesize. Over the past few days, I have had Mp3tag fail to add/remove ID3v2 tags to three of my files. Two of the files are 18MB, and the file I previously emailed Florian was 26MB. The largest file I have been able to successfully tag recently was 11MB.

I've checked and I'm sure that I have enough free hard drive space. So what gives? All of a sudden I can't add/remove ID3v2 tags to large MP3 files anymore. As I mentioned earlier, I've tagged even larger ones successfully in the past. Perhaps it has something to with the fact that I'm using a newer version of the software than I was before? Are there any changes in 2.34a that might pertain to this issue?