File cannot be opened for writing. (exported from Vegas Pro 15)

So I've been using Mp3Tag for the last 5 updates. It's been a long time without a hitch.

I use Vegas Pro 13.0 to cut and export all the music out at 320 kbps, 44100 kHz music files. 100% Mp3Tag will work on it.

But now I've switched to Vegas Pro 15 to edit my music. I exported out the same type of music file. But Mp3Tag wouldn't take it. It says "File cannot be opened for writing" for some reason.

Maybe it's permission problems. So I've added 'Authenticated Users' in and have it full control-ed.

I tried restart the pc and edit the tag immediately after the startup. doesn't work.

I tried editing the old file that could edit in the past. But now it cannot be edited and saying the same thing.

I'm now blind. please help.

In most cases it is not enough to change the read and write permissions but you also should make sure that the user-id that starts MP3tag is also the owner of the files.
It could also be that the new program starts some kind of background process that accesses audio files as soon as they are modified and so blocks access by other programs. A look at the running processes could provide clearification.
As the old files are also effected, I would think it is an access problem. Otherwise I would recommend to check the new files if they are mp3 files and see if some settings during the generation lead to problems. See

for a list of mp3 checking programs.

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So, looks like I've found the problem.

Last time. My PC only have C drive as an SSD. All my music were on C drive.

But now I've bought a D drive to store picture. as a HDD.

So I uninstall Mp3Tag from C drive and install it on D drive.

All my music are still on C drive. and I've set the rendered music's destination folder as Desktop. So all music are on C drive.

Since then. I cannot edit ANY of the rendered and cut music on C drive. I have to move them to D drive to edit the tag using MP3Tag. And when it's on D drive. The Authenticated Users doesn't matter. Mp3Tag can edit the tag right away as soon as it's on D drive.

Every music and video files can be edited the tag when they're on D drive which is where I've installed my program. But no matter what file it is. But if it's on C drive. The program cannot edit it.

This is operating system voodoo. It looks a lot like the access rights still do not match at all.
Here is a microsoft page that deals with access problems: