File deactivated if a previous one is deleted plus other questions


If I delete a file from a hard disk from ionside of MP3Tag (right click/delete), then the next file in the directory does not get automatically selected. Then what happens is that the next file's tag becomes visible but modifications can not be saved. May not be a big deal but if there are hundreds or thousands of files it becomes a nuisance to do it everytime a previous file needs to be erased.
Anyway of fixing it or it is by design?

I also want to be able to rearrange icons on the toolbar. In particular, I need to move he "Erase tag" button somewhere else because it gets clicked by accident from time to time. Also, a nuisance. Is it possible?

I also have this challenge. Probably not MP3Tag related but may be someone may know something.

I have a database of mp3 files and another directory of about 10000 files.
I want to be able to compare the content of that directory with the database to locate the duplicates based on mp3 tags. Any suggestion?

I would like to have the ability of may be just copying the entire tag and pasing it over to the database.

There is a "Tag Copy" option in the right-click menu but it does not save the tag to the clipboard for some reason. Can it be implemented?

I may be asking for too much but MP3Tag is my lifesaver and I use it very extensively. It does a number of things that no other software had made possible, and I totally depend on it.

Thank you for any advice and help.