File Errors


I have a 3000-file library combination wma and mp3. With 2.48 on Windows 7 64-bit, I fairly often get this error:

'File "filename.mp3" cannot be opened for writing.'

There is a thread on this issue having to do with network drives, but for me there is no network element. This happens on my C: drive.

I never used to get this error, but I only recently began using mp3tag again, after a long absence (I can't remember the version I was using just prior to 2.48).

So far, this error is just annoying, as the file being edited -does- edit successfully. I haven't been able to discern a pattern, but it happens maybe ~ 10-15% of the time, especially when marking several files for editing. mp3tag will say it saved the tags in all but one file, for example (but it actually also saved the tag in that file as well).

Any ideas?


Check which programs also access the music files.
E.g. Windows indexer is one of these programs
WMP also likes to have a look at recently modified files.
The desktop gadget "Slide show" uses WMP in the background so if you have that running you are prone to access errors.

In general: this has hardly anything to do with MP3tag as this is an operating system message. So it must have to do a lot with your particular setup.