file limit?

I was wondering if there is a file number limit in this program?

I have close to 52000 music files. When the program starts indexing the files it gets to about 6,000 quickly, then it slows down to indexing one file every 5 to 10 seconds. Is this normal? Is there a way to speed this up?

thanks for any help.

What do you mean by "indexing"?
Mp3tag does not create an index (unless you mean the one of the local freedb).
If you mean "loading" then the loading depends on how fast Mp3tag is forced to use the paging mechanism of Windows where chunks of data get swapped to the harddisk which is by to the power of 10 slower than the RAM.
So the fewer other applications run at the same time the more electrical memory (RAM) is available for Mp3tag.
Mp3tag should be able to cope with 50000 files.

Probably the media files are rather big?
Probably the embedded tag's sizes are rather big?
Probably the write access to the temporary storage in your system is rather slow?
Sometimes I think this phenomenon has to do with the amount of the embedded images, but I am not sure.


I have around 100K+ files, and no issues...

Loading is rather slow though, takes approx 10-15 minutes, but it does work :slight_smile:

Turn of all applications and try to see if that speeds up the loading. Sometimes if I have tunning a torrent client the loading od 20 000+ files takes seweral minutes [instead of a normal]

Also, you should think od using and SSD for a storage hard drive or a SATA III with 10 000 RPM. I use the other and also a SATA III 7200 RPM- and the difference between 10 000 and 7200 is big

Also, if you have anough RAM, the second loading [re-loading of the same group of files] should take only seconds