File list not refreshed after tag from filename

I was doing a couple sequential operations-- tag from filename, add art, then add extended tags on MP4 files, and after the tag, some of the files didn't refresh in the window so the subsequent operations failed. Here's what the UI showed:

This is from an SMB share. Other than this happening once, it's worked great. Thank you so much for putting together a native mac app, I'd been using the wine one for years.

I just tried these operations individually, and it's adding the art that causes this behavior. Refreshing the file list after adding art pulls the correct file names in again.

That's interesting, thanks for reporting. Do you remember how you've loaded the files — either as individual files or via the parent folder?

I had chosen the parent folder in mp3tag

This has been reported again and apparently, I was able to fix the issue with beta 11.

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