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Hello all,

Please advise if you can help. I have a huge mp3 library and the "Last Modified Date" property of each file is very important. I sort files by last modified date so that I know the relative time that the file was added to the library, so old files are at the bottom and new files are at the top. However, if I want to edit the tag of a file added 3 years ago, it will suddenly jump to the top because the last modified date changes.

Enter mp3tag to solve this problem (I hope). I want to preserve the last modified date of each file in another field, such as Comments. %_file_mod_datetime% is good for this, but %_file_mod_datetime_raw% is even better! With %_file_mod_datetime%, Windows Explorer treats the comments field as text and doesn't sort the files properly, but using %_file_mod_datetime_raw% Windows Explorer still treats it as text but should preserve the relative order. This is good but the next problem is that the raw number is not readable by humans.

I thought that I would be able to have both. That is, to put %_file_mod_datetime_raw% in Comments, and %_file_mod_datetime% (which is human readable) in another field like Publisher. The challenge is the program only permits updating one field at a time. Once I update the Comments field with %_file_mod_datetime_raw%, the actual last modified date of the file will be changed, and when I attempt to update Publisher with the human readable %_file_mod_datetime%, the current date will be used instead of the date from 3 years ago.

There is a long way to solve that problem. I could first use dirdate.exe to copy the file modified time to the file creation time. Then mp3tag to use modified time to update Comments, and creation time to update Publisher. But that is a long, arduous and stupid process.

It would be better if I could first copy the %_file_mod_datetime_raw% to Comments, and then run it again to convert the raw number from Comments to human readable and put the result in Publisher. The program has math scripting functions that can help to do this!

I just need to know how to convert a raw datetime such as "1394482504" to "10/03/2014 20:15:04". Is there any documentation available that can help me with the math to know how to do the conversion? Or is there a simpler way to accomplish what I want? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Have you seen
Tools>Options>tags>Preserve timestamps of modified files?

The perfect solution! TYVM

Now I can update the Comments and Publisher with the same datetime in two separate passes.