file .mta error

Hello, I wanted to save a Actions in a file .mtg I uninstall and reinstall the programe and I wanted my remetre .mtg rename the file in the following folder .mta AppData \ Roaming \ Mp3tag \ data \ actions. And error. Why? Thank you.

Files of filetype ".mtg" do not store any action code, ...
but only the names of the envolved ".mta" files,
which should be executed as a group
Please read the chapter "Actions" in the help file.
A mtg file contains a 'snapshot' from the current entire list of actiongroup names and their state of selection, 1 or 0, yes or no.

Note to the developer:
Because Mp3tag already removes automatically all given selections from the action pick list, when loading a mtg file, ...
therefore Mp3tag must not save into the mtg file the entire list of mta names together with their state of selection 0 or 1.
The work can be reduced for Mp3tag, by saving only the mta names with current selection state=1.
And further on, even the selection state must not be stored into the mtg file, because the mtg file per definitionem stores only the selected mta names, which should be executed as a group.
Doing so, a mtg file can be a standard UTF-8 text file, human readable and writeable, because it contains, line by line, only the mta names, which are collected to become a group.

DD.20150225.1540.CET, DD.20150308.1142.CET

But then how to integrate mtg file in the programe?

Not at all?
AFAIK doesn't MP3tag use files with the extension mtg.
mta = actions
mte = export
lng = language
src = web source.

A .mtg file resides along with the .mta files in the same folder.
A .mtg file alone is worthless if the associated .mta files are not there.