File name Conversion


I'm a newbie and would really appreciate a little help. What i want to do is if a title has a symbol that doesn't transfer to file name e.g '?' I would like it to be replaced simply with a '_' or if it has '/' change to '-'.
I know how to do it for a simple file name by using a format but what if title has both '?' & '/', can I create a type of IF OR formula like in excel?

Many Thanks for the help.

either you use the function $validate(%title%,_) which would turn every illegal character into an underscore ...
or you use $replace(%title%,?,_,/,-)
Both functions can be used in the format string in Convert>Tag-Filename.
So a format string could look like
$num(%track%,2) _ %artist% _ $replace(%title%,?,_,/,-)

Thank you for such a quick response, I'll try tomorrow and let you know my results?

Thank you ohrenkino it works perfect!

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