File Name in MP3TAG vs. File Name in Windows


I'm trying to organize my collection of Time/Life CDs and place MP3 copies on my iPod.. I've converted them all to MP3's, but there are a few file name inconsistencies I'm trying to correct. For example, most of the Titles are of the form "Sounds of the Eighties", but a few became "Sounds Of The Eighties". I prefer the "of" and "the" form, so I'm trying to change the tags and filename of the four CD's that have "Of" and "The" to conform to the others.

For each CD, using MP3TAG I have no problem editing the tags for all the tracks en mass to change the tag Album Name to use the "of" and "the", and I have no trouble converting these new tags to filenames. Once I do this, the tags show "of" and "the" in the tag "album Name", and the "Filename" shown in the MP3TAG display also shows "of" and "the". When I close MP3TAG and open Windows Explorer, the date/time stamps of the files I intended to change are indeed updated, but the Windows filenames are still "Of" and "The", not "of" and "the".

Why are the MP3TAG filenames different from the Windows filenames?




Please describe in detail what you do to rename the files.


Opening MP3TAG, I do the following:

  1. I sort the files by filename so that tracks from each album are contiguous.

  2. I select all the tracks on a single album by using the Windows "Shift-click" technique.

  3. In the left hand side of the MP3Tag display, the tags that are common ("album", 'Year", "Genre" and "folder") remain filled with the applicable text, while the other fields contain the text "".

  4. As an example, the "album" field contains the text "Sounds Of The Seventies - 1971". I edit that text to read "Sounds of the Seventies - 1971".

  5. I click the "Save tag" (Cntl-S) operation.

  6. I click the "Convert: Tag to Filename" operation.

  7. The MP3Tag display on the right side of the screen is updated so that the filename for all the tracks on the album now begin with the text "Sounds of the Seventies - 1971", followed by the other track number and song name text I selected as my file naming default.

  8. I close MP3TAG.

  9. Using Windows Explorer, I examine the date/time stamp of the files I just processed. They all show an updated time just a few seconds old, as I expected.

  10. At this point, I expect the filenames in Windows to also read "Sounds of the Seventies - 1971". However, they still read "Sounds Of The Seventies - 1971". Apparently, the tags were updated, but not the filenames.

So my questions are:

1 - Why are the filenames shown in MP3TAG different than those show in Windows explorer?

  1. How do I update the actual Windows file names?


I have no problems showing the changes in the explorer.
I don't know why it doesn't work for you, sorry.


happened a couple of times to me as well:
changes in upper/lowercasing only of a file name with an external app sometimes isn't displayed properly by Windows Explorer under XP. not even refreshing works. close + reopen Exploder + you'll see ...

blame Bill, not Florian ... :stuck_out_tongue:


The files are stored on a network drive, visible from 2 XP and one W2K machines. The Windows Explorer on all three machines shows the files as "Sounds Of The Seventies", even after shutting down and restarting each one. It may be a Bill thing, but it's not as simple as you suggested.


So it might be the network part in your system, that causes the strange behaviour.
What type of network drive is it, maybe a NAS drive, formatted with FAT32 filesystem (driven by an embedded linux server) or what?
So try a new checkup with Mp3tag using your local drive and look if the failure is persistent.



Good call! That's exactly what the network drive is (Fastora - Fat32, embedded Linux), and when I moved an album's worth of files to a local drive and tried the "Convert Tag to File Name" operation, the actual Windows file names do indeed get converted to lower case as I intended.

Is the network drive issue a well known and thoroughly understood problem?


I'm not sure completely, see this pdf document:
Maybe you can find some explanation and a way to handle the problem.


It seems so, that the PDF link above is updated or changed by HP itself and does not offer any longer the content about CaseSensitivity regarding Samba Server.
Therefore here comes a copy of the mentioned article as PDF with the Title:
Case Sensitivity versus Case Preservation in CIFS Server (Samba)
HPCIFSCaseSensitivity.pdf (184 KB)


HPCIFSCaseSensitivity.pdf (184 KB)