File Name Not Matching Metadata

For some reason I have a large number of tracks where the actual file name is not matching the metadata, they are totally different. For example the mp3 track is daft punk alive but then the metadata is Adrian Ivan - no one else

And what is correct?
What do you want to do next?

This would be concerning. The question is what actions have been performed on these in the past? Listening tests to confirm whether the filename or metadata is correct should be done first. What you do next will depend on those results. Hopefully you have a back up of the originals somewhere if there is a significant issue?

I think its onetagger that's overridden the data, can't be sure but that's all I've used

Daft Punk is correct but more info authors and tittle are all incorrect

As I cannot really say what is best for your files, I would recommend a glance at the documentation:

It is possible to get data from the file names and put it into the tag fields.
It is also possible to rename the files based on tag data.
It would be up to you to find the best way.

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