File name & Title name - how to make them the same

Hi all,

New to Mp3tag and finding it great. Also I've looked through archived messages looking for the answer to my question but have failed to find any help. so....

Here's my question:

Is there a way to quickly and easily give the "Title" (in the tag panel on left) the same name as the Filename?

Here's a link to a Gif I've uploaded showing what I'd like to do.

Thanks in advance,

Yes. Click "Filename to Tag" on the menu bar and enter...

%dummy% - %title%

and click ok.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

If possible: is there a way to number each sequentially as well? In other words so that each title has a slightly different name

The Neighbor 001
The Neighbor 002
The Neighbor 003... and so on.

renumber your tracks with the numbering assistant and rename your files with a mask that looks like this:
%title% $num(%track%,3)

Thanks so much for your help. Great forum and a great program.


I love mp3tag! I had exactly this problem, "How do you make the title of an mp3 its filename." A Google search showed this page as a relevant (Good indexing, guys!) return, and COOL, since I already have been using mp3tag, it was a snap to execute!

I donated a while back to the maker of this great utility program, and it's brought me good karma!