File name truncation



I started using this very handy software quite recently and came across a small problem with long file names in Windows XP.

On many classical opera cd's the title tags I use often get quite long (sometimes several aria titles and character names etc. for one track). It seems that XP has a limitation of 255 (or 259/260, depending on the source) characters for the total length of a file name and its path. Usually I enter the tags manually and then convert them to file names that include the song titles, but if the file name and path gets too long, I just end up with an error message "The system cannot find the path specified" when trying to convert the tags.

Would it be possible to include an option in Mp3tag that would check the file name + path length and automatically truncate the file name as needed? That would help make the process of file naming much more straightforward in the case of very long song titles.




You can always use $mid() or $left() to truncate yourself.