File Name

Think this program is great and am still learning how to use it :smiley:

So here is my question how do you block change the track names in the file column for example
i have 11 tracks that i want to change from

01 - Abba - Waterloo.mp3 to 01 - Waterloo.mp3

02 - Abba - Sitting in the Palmtree.mp3, to 02 - Sitting in the Palmtree.mp3

and so on

Also if the track name is somthink like :- 02 - Abba _ Sitting in the_ Palmtree.mp3

How do you change it to :- 02 - Abba - Sitting in the Palmtree.mp3

Thanks for a great program :smiley:

If the information is already contained in the tag of the files you can use :mt_ttf: Converter > Tag - Filename with a formatstring like

$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Otherwise you'll have to import this information first using :mt_ftt: Converter > Filename - Tag with a formatstring like

%track - %artist% - %title%

Do you really have such filenames? Please try to experiment with the actions.