file names from html page


Mp3tag seems a great work with many options. I have worked with many of these and it's best I have found since.

Still the option to extract track names form web page is probably missing? Or did I missed it? Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find everything.

For example from a page were is only on track list:


It's not possible to extract track names form


This is what a web source is supposed to do; not so simple anyway...

Look at the Web sources section of the forum




Thanks for your reply.
I tried successfully to copy track list from web page to to a basic notepad, removed leading numbers from beginning track rows and saved as a text file. Then used convert "text file > tag" command.
Obviusly saving some time.

But is there any easier way to get file names directly from clipboard perhaps?


On the mp3tag web sources there are yet some 6-7 very basic web sources only.
Even, are missing.
Apparently it's a rather new option yet and each site needs it own script.