File Naming Conventions


What file name conventions you all use?
There are no doubt some really slick naming conventions.

I'll start. (If this topic has been discussed before please point me to the thread(s). I've not found them.)

For APE and high quality MP3s (for use at home):
%artist%- %album%- $num(%track%,2)- %title%.extension
i.e. Pink Floyd- The Wall (CD1)- 01- In The Flesh.ape

For portable quality/size MP3s:
First letter of artists first name.Artist's shortened or whole last name.Abbreviated Album.$num(%track%,2).%title%.extension
i.e. PFld.TWall1.01.In The Flesh.mp3

(Note 1: Sometimes I'll run an action to put the track number in the title --i.e. 01.In The Flesh-- and not include the track number in the file name. This allows me to see the track number when the portable player shows the title data.)

(Note 2: If there's an action that can create file names by automatically creating abbreviated artist and album fields I'd sure love to know how. TIA)


For me it's:

Artist - Album\Track# - Title.mp3

When it's a multi-disc album:

Artist - Album\Disc# - Track# - Title.mp3

And for single songs:

Artist - Title.mp3

And if a track is Live, Acoustic, Unplugged, Demo, or features a guest artists, that goes in [] in the title field. This applies to all of the above.

Pretty simple actually. And to be honest, I find it really annoying when people put other information in the title field, like you're doing with the track numbers, but I guess it's okay if it's the only way to make your portable show you that information. I don't know why you would need to know the track number to a song from an album when on the move, but hey :stuck_out_tongue: