File not playing properly in groove music player once i embed album art in it

Hi all, I am editing tags on some of my music files (Flac format). Everything goes well, it plays smoothly in win 10 Groove music player and shows all tags when i check any individual song's properties. But as soon as i embed album art in any of them and save them, they don't play smoothly. While playing if I click somewhere on the track length to play from there, the song itself fast forwards a bit more and starts playing more ahead from the clicked position. Again if i click somewhere else on track length, instead of playing from there it starts playing a bit ahead from the clicked position on the track length. However, this problem persist only when playing them from default music player (groove player in my case).
NOTE: Groove music player updated to newest version, still the same issue.

I found this thread on groove music, flac and embedded covers:

Apparently, it does not work properly.

I don't understand whether the problem is in mp3tag editor or in my Groove music player.

As the linked thread describes more or less the same problem but does not mention MP3tag at all, I would say that it is a groove music problem.
To test this further, you could install a player like foobar2000 and see if that player behaves in the same way or plays without glitches.

Yes I checked the file in foobar2000 and wow it worked just perfectly. No glitches. Probably groove music is not able to play it properly. Thanks @ohrenkino