File permissions

I rip files to a "staging folder" outside of my Music folder, and I use Mp3tag to fix up tags and ultimately rename (Convert Tag - Filename) the files into my Music folder. Since I've begun to use Windows 7 RTM, I've noticed that the files acquire a "padlock" icon overlay after Mp3tag 2.44 moves them. Looking at file permissions, they are different than my existing music files and files I create in the same folder by other means, say, by using "New/Text Document". For example, the files I move with Mp3tag lack the "Home Users" and "WmpNetworkSvc" users. Instead, they have the permissions from the original folder outside my Music folder. The reverse is true for files I didn't rename with Mp3tag, files I recently downloaded from, and files I create anew, which have the same permissions as my Music folder. I can fix the problem by selecting the containing folder and replacing permissions on child objects with inheritable permissions, but it's still a bit of a pain. I can also fix it by dragging the files out of the Music folder to another drive and then moving them back. I don't know why this is happening, but if Mp3tag is copying permissions when it moves files, I think it should not; instead, it should leave it to Windows to confer default permissions. Comments?