File rename without tag and/or tag whole labels

Hi There,

Having waited an age for Adrian Boeing to update his tagger, I gave up and found MP3Tag (excellent software btw.)

I have a couple of questions about MP3Tag and wondered if were possible to configure somehow if anyone could help? I have searched but cant seem to find anything.

Based on the discogs script;

1, Is there a way of renaming mp3's without tagging them first? this would save a lot of conversion time as I remove the tags anyway. (it takes a 10 file release over 2-3 minutes to tag but less than a second to rename them)

I rename them using the following format:

(%catalog #%) $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

so I need the extended info of the catalog number.

2, Is there a way to tag (or rename files as above) a whole label, not just single releases?

If anyone could help a MP3Tag 'newb', would be appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. This is not possible.

  2. You can use the Filter via [F3] to filter by label and rename the files from the result set.

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Thanks for the reply Florian.

Im still having trouble though. The filter I can use, but only if all the files are already tagged (unless Im missing something of course), which is what Im trying to do. but the discogs search will only let you access one release at a time.

Its the mass tagging of tracks within a folder by label, not just release, that I would like to know if possible.

For example;

c:\music\label 1\Release 1 track 1.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 1 track 2.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 2 track 1.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 2 track 2.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 2 track 3.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 3 track 1.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 3 track 2.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 4 track 1.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 4 track 2.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 4 track 3.mp3
c:\music\label 1\Release 4 track 4.mp3

But the files are either not tagged or tagged from different sources and have 'non-uniform' file names.

Ive had a go at modifying the discogs source to see if I can get any closer to this idea or multiple select the search results but get stuck very quickly.

Are there any solutions?

Kind Regards