File Renamer!


Does anyone can recommend me any File Renamer software than can do this:

  1. Move part of the file names easily. e.g from Madonna-True Blue-01-Papa Don't Preach.mp3 to Madonna-01-True Blue-Papa Don't Preach.mp3

  2. Could do the renumbering process by moving the file list up and down according to own desire.

So, far I only found WinFR ( which could do all this. It's just that I hope to see a program with more attractive interface. Beside, the WinFR has got some minor bugs here and there.

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion.

  1. You can do it in Mp3tag with the Filename - Filename Converter [ALT+3]

  2. Don't understand what you mean.


You can manually sort the files in Mp3tag's file view using drag'n'drop while holding the [Alt] down.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Err.. isn't this board suppose to discuss about something else than Mp3Tag?

It my be my mistake to give the mp3 filename as an example.. :rolleyes:

Actually I'm talking about a general File Renamer.. not just for mp3.

Mp3Tag is the most efficient file renamer for mp3 of course! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info anyway.. I've never knew about that..


Thought you were talking about MP3 file renaming :rolleyes:

I'm using Total Commander's multi rename tool for general purpose file renaming (TC is Shareware).

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~ Florian


Hello freekey!

Try "Ant Renamer". It's freeware, and easy to use. Im very happy with it.
Ant Renamer Homepage

More sophisticated, but including context-menu support: MRename
MRename Homepage

I guess that's it. Hope you like it.

So long