File Renamer


This idea comes from a problem I had.
A while ago I needed a program to batch rename files (any files, like .xls or .doc), but I couldn't find a REALLY good software.

Now that I know MP3TAG I realize that, as it is now, this program would be AWESOME at performing that task (with the FILENAME>>FILENAME option... the rest would be pointless since files don't hace Artist, Track, etc.).

So you could make the program even more usefull than now.

Hope you like the idea! :slight_smile:

(NOTE: Maybe to make this happen you need more than just to "let the program accepts any filetype" sorry for my ignorance in that case :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thnx! I'll give it a shot sometime.
Too bad my idea didn't make it though.

There is a perfect program Total Commander, which can do these things.