File size after tagging / duplicate files

Hello, I'm using a Mac and it seems that once I've tagged & saved my songs it duplicates the number of files on my desktop. For example, if I tag 20 songs and I do a WeTransfer to send them to someone, it transfers 40 files at twice the storage. Or if I upload the tagged songs to my google drive, it says the files are twice as large as they should be. What could be the reason for this? Thank you!

That sounds interesting. Can you send me a WeTransfer which shows this issue via Help → Send Feedback?

Sounds good, I just sent you a WeTransfer. It's supposed to be sending you 3 songs, however the transfer says it's sending 6 files. The 3 songs should only total 203 MB in size. So let me know what you see, thank you!

This is exactly what I received, I'm only seeing 3 files.

Edit: When you open the folder in and enter ls -la do you see any different files?

I'm not sure how to open via the however the problem seemed to correct itself. The WeTransfer still says I sent you 6 files but the total file size seems to be the same and that was my main concern.