File/Tag Reading at Startup

All the audio files (~50,000 of them) are stored on a fast Win 7 server on an SSD. Gigabit Ethernet, Intel NICs, tuned for low latency and small transactions. The network will transfer large files all day long at >120MB/sec.

The problem: Reading the whole file list takes 24 seconds using Mp3tag installed on the server. Right. 50,000 tags in 24 seconds. Pretty good, right?

Now, the same operation on a similarly powerful machine on the network takes just over 3 minutes. Clearly, it's network limitations and overhead, though a monitor on the network shows nothing approaching saturation. Latency is about 7 msec, according to Resource Monitor.

It would be really nice to speed this up. It would be nice for network situations like this, and for libraries on HDDs too, I suspect.

What I think would help a whole lot would be something like multiple simultaneous read channels (for the lack of a better term). I think (but admittedly am not sure), that Mp3tag reads one file at a time. That's what makes it slow. Modern HDDs on SATA connections using AHCI can support queue depths much greater than 1 and command queueing. So issuing multiple concurrent Reads would conceivably take advantage of that. Similarly, multiple Reads would go a long way to overcoming network latency.

I'm no developer, so I may be somewhat off-base, but just maybe this is an idea worth exploring. If my suspicions are correct, most typical users with HDDs would see some benefit, and anyone accessing a library over a network would probably find relatively huge decreases in startup time.

How about it?

I find that I need to load my entire library maybe once or twice a year at most. Very few tagging tasks require it. Waiting 3 minutes or waiting 23 minutes for the whole library to load is nothing when you do it rarely.

I'm having trouble seeing what this has to do with my post.

How much time do you feel that the developer of a program wants to (or should) spend optimizing an aspect of the program that is seldom needed?

Some people, mostly those new to Mp3tag, get the mistaken impression that the expected way to use it is to launch the program with their whole library loaded. This just isn't the best way to use Mp3tag for the majority of tasks.