file > tag w/triple digit tracknumber


I have files from a disk set. the filenames are structured 101-118, 201-218, etc. what command do you use in filename-->tag to not insert first number into track.

currently i am going through each CD and using 1%track% and 2%track%

and also, if its possible, take that first number, and edit the album field.

101 - artist - title.mp3 --> %artist%, %title%, %album% CD1, %track%


To append CD1, CD2 in the ALBUM field, I'd use an action "Format values" on the ALBUM field with this string:

%album%$if($eql($strchr(%_filename%,1),1), CD1,$if($eql($strchr(%_filename%,2),1), CD2,$if($eql($strchr(%_filename%,3),1), CD3,)))

And for the %track% part, I'd just use %track% and delete the first number with an action again.