File view missing column info for FLAC files

Really strange occurrence. I've been using this program faithfully for years and never had a problem too big to figure out myself - until now.

Opened up Mp3tag (the last time I used it, everything was fine and normal) and the values in the "track" and "year" columns is missing for all my FLAC files. The info is all there for the handful of Mp3 files I still have. I of course tried restarting the program, reinstalling, installing the latest version...all to no avail. I've not imported or exported anything in recent memory, nor has my actual music moved anywhere or been played in any player other than the one I've used for years. In short, nothings been changed, well, at least not by me purposely. I did notice when I checked the extended tags that the Mp3 files, which have columns intact, the value for the year, i.e. 2006, 2007, is found in the "year" field. But in the FLAC files, those values are found in the "date" field.

So, I know whats wrong and I know I can get the track info back by using "File name-Tag", but, since I don't put the year in my file names, that solution is only partial. We're talking nearly 6000 files here. Please don't tell me I'm not gonna have to fix them manually! Help!

Make sure Vorbis Comments are mapped correctly.

I've never touched that setting. What is correct?

Doh! Nevermind.