filename display ISO 8859-1


I have an Alpine head unit that is compatible only with ISO 8859-1 tags. The tags are read by the unit just fine for all fields when saving in ISO 8859-1 format EXCEPT the filename field. I do have this option checked in the mp3tag program settings.
I tried deleting all the tags & re saving, copying tag>filename, etc. Nothing seems to help. It's not the head unit because I have mp3 CD's that I burned a few years ago that still display filename tag correctly.

Used to display scrolling: "1 - Now Is The Time.mp3"
Now displays scrolling: "01 _ _ _ NOW"

The file name is "1 - Now Is The Time.mp3" when viewing in mp3tag (in Windows, and in any other tagging program for that matter)

Any ideas would be appreciated, it's driving me nuts.



.....I just figured it out.
The filename isn't really a tag, it's just the filename - you don't need a tagging program to change it. I just remembered I switched burning programs a while back - started using imgburn instead of Nero. Nero has a mode for burning mp3 cd's, so it must format the filename some way differently than just burning the files to disc like imgburn does.