Filename - Filename question


I am in the process of standardizing my MP3 library and have run into the following situation :

I have several files that I am converting to %track% - %artist% - %title% from %track% - %title% - %artist%. What I am running into is that a large number of tracks are remixes and have a section at the end like (BT's Remix).

I have two different conversion set up :

  1. %1 - %2 - %3 to %1 - %3 - %2
  2. %1 - %2 (%4) - %3 to %1 - %3 - %2 (%4)

If I use conversion 1 on a track without the mix at the end, I get () at then end of the filename.

Is that any way to do this in one pass rather than two ?


No, this is not possible since Mp3tag has to know the correct filename pattern for the conversion.

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thanks - incredible application by the way.

I show it to anyone who will listen....


Logan i think u can do it using a regular expression action on the filename
ive come up with this

Regulare Expression:
Replace with:
$1 - $3 - $2$4

maybe u want to try it on some of ur files :slight_smile:

^(\d{1,2})\s{1}-\s{1}(.)\s{1}-\s{1}(.)(..*) should work too, no need to catch the ('s


d4n0 - you sir, are a rock start !