Filename - Filename


I'm wondering about something. This is posted in the 'What's new' section of 2.15:

[2003-09-14] NEW: folderpath now also available at formatstring of 'filename-filename'

However, when I enter '%5%2%5 ~ %6' under new filename, I receive the following error:

"Filename - Filename (new filename):
Following characters are not allowed in filenames:
/ : * ? " < > |

Do you want to correct it automatically?"

I've also tried using the first backslash as an escape character: '5%2%5 ~ %6'. I still get the same error.

Am I misunderstanding what the new capabilty added to Mp3tag?


Folders are currently only supported at the old filename.

To create new folders based on the tag- and file-information please use the converter Tag - Filename with formatstrings like %i - %a%n - %t.

~ Florian