Filename from text file


I have a list of tags including new file name for my songs in a text file... I was wondering if I can use that new file names to rename files while I'm Importing tags. Is It possible??

also what should I do if the order of list might be different from order of tracks??


Not in one go but step by step: first import the tags, then rename the files.
The sequence of files has to be the same for both sets of data.

I get it thanks....... what I did was creating a custom tag called newfilename & used it in Tags - Filename & then Removed it.... just saying if somebody wants to know...

I think you can only import real mp3 tags but not mp3tag-internal pseudotags like %_filename%.
Your way to import the filename into a custom tag looks elegant.

Yes, Mp3tag provides content variables written as of format %name% as information fields.
Such an info-field is no tag-field at all, therefore the content of an info-field cannot be changed by the customer.
It is somewhat confusing, because both, the content of a tag-field, and the content of an info-field, is queried by the same content operator clamb %...%.
But we are lucky, there is a small help to distinguish a tag-field from an info-field:
the leading underline character "
" determines an info-field.

In case of the pseudo tag-fields _FILENAME and _DIRECTORY and their content %_FILENAME% and %_DIRECTORY%, which can be manipulated by Mp3tag, the confusion is perfect, because there also exist info-fields with the same visual incarnation %_filename% and %_directory%.


Has anyone got an answer for this??

You can change the order of the files in Mp3tag with ALT+Up/Down or ALT+Mouse drag